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Beverly Hills Exorcist

'Beverly Hills Exorcist' is a supernatural thriller that starts with a question: 
What if a house is too expensive to be haunted? It brings to mind a cottage industry of 
freelance exorcists, who, by the nature of market forces, get the job done, no matter how dangerous. 

The central protagonist, Sonya, leads the team in a straightforward heroes vs. villain 
story, with the postmodern twist that they’re not actually heroes at all, but characters 
who make money in new and morally ambiguous ways. The script blends humor and suspense, brought to life by talented comedic actors such as Amanda McCants, Gregg Martin, and Dani Coleman.

The centerpiece of this film is a unique VFX demon, brought to life by a diverse, skilled team 
highlighted by Eileen Dietz's performance, Cynthia Garza's imaginative makeup, 
Ino Yang Popper's dynamic cinematography, and my own visual effects animation.